“At Golden Seeds, we strive to create an environment where entrepreneurs receive serious consideration and investors utilize their substantial skills to help companies succeed.”

Loretta McCarthy,
Managing Partner

The Golden Seeds Culture

The Golden Seeds culture is rooted in two key attributes: value and values.

Golden Seeds’ successful culture combines two attributes that some may consider to be mutually exclusive, but have proven to be complementary…

…delivering value to investors and entrepreneurs in a productive investment environment,

…while displaying an unwavering commitment to a core set of values that underpin all our activities.

The values we share, which continue to attract passionate, high-caliber investors and entrepreneurs to Golden Seed, are:

  • Trust. We seek to operate with transparency and respect the confidentiality of information presented to us.
  • Innovation. We expect innovation and creativity to drive value for the future.
  • Collaboration. We enjoy collaboration with investors, advisors, co-investors, entrepreneurs, clients and strategic partners.
  • Respect. We create the conditions for mutual respect of both investors and entrepreneurs.