Susan Nethero

Susan Nethero is a founding member and co-chair for the Atlanta chapter of Golden Seeds.  She has been a Managing Director of Golden Seeds since 2012.  She was the Co-Founder of Intimacy, a specialty chain of 18 Bra Fitting stores in the USA with sales of 38.5M revenue. Susan brought Intimacy and ‘Bra Fitting’ to national attention through her multiple appearances on the Oprah Show and many national TV, radio and editorial stories. Along with her husband, David, they grew Intimacy and exited in 2012 via a staged sale to a strategic buyer.  Susan and her husband remained on the Intimacy Board through 2015.  Prior to Intimacy, Susan had 18 years of professional, strategic and executive positions at Dow Chemical, Xerox Learning Systems, Time Inc, and Marketing Corporation of America.