A recognized leader in the movement
to accelerate investment in
women entrepreneurs.
Samina Farid Golden Seeds Investor
With unwavering commitment to
gender-diversity, Golden Seeds
focuses on women-led companies.
Gina Tedesco Golden Seeds Investor
New Jersey
Our entrepreneurs are innovators,
disruptors and transformers
in their industries.
Julia Hu CEO and Co-founder
Lark Health
Golden Seeds has provided
capital and support to nearly
200 women entrepreneurs.
John Lilly Golden Seeds Investor
One of the largest and most active
angel networks in the United States.
Ulya Kahn Golden Seeds Investor
Changing the face of innovation.
We value inclusion, women leaders
and gender-diversity.
Anjali Midha CEO and Co-founder
Diesel Labs
The early-stage investment firm with
a focus on women leaders, creating
lasting impact.
Laura Baldwin Golden Seeds Investor
Leveling the playing field for women
entrepreneurs through our nationwide
network of Golden Seeds members.
Lori Langenhagen Golden Seeds Investor
Welcome to Golden Seeds. One of the nation's most active early-stage investment
firms, Golden Seeds is focused on the vibrant opportunities
of women-led businesses.




One of the largest, most active angel networks. Learn More




Golden Seeds has invested over $135 million. Learn More




Nearly 200 companies have received funding. Learn More




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Breaking News

See this article written by Golden Seeds urging VCs to join the vibrant ecosystem of investors who fund women entrepreneurs. This article originally appeared on Fortune.com.

Just in! Golden Seeds company Brandwatch is to be acquired by Cision in a $450 million transaction, creating a formidable combination of social media management and digital consumer intelligence. Congratulations to all.