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Golden Seeds Celebrates 20 Years of Investing in Women Entrepreneurs

In the video above, we reflect on the past two decades of our journey and the compelling stories of others who have joined us along the way.

In 2004, Golden Seeds mobilized to level the playing field for women entrepreneurs.  Over these years, over 1100 investors have joined our angel network or invested in our venture funds.  We have invested over $180 million in 250 companies that have gone on to raise an additional $2 billion.  Our training program for investors, the Knowledge Institute, sets the standard for investor education.  And our nationwide footprint, with eight chapters and members in 27 states, allows us to find promising women-led companies throughout the United States. 

We are proud of Golden Seeds’ leadership in this movement and grateful to all who have participated – our investors, entrepreneurs and the entire ecosystem of early-stage investors and supporters.

[Illustration: Dom Guzman]

What 20 Years of Angel Investing Taught Us About Driving Progress for Women Entrepreneurs

Twenty years ago, the landscape of angel investing bore scant traces of female presence, with women representing a mere 5% of all angel investors and 3% of funded companies. Fast-forward to 2022, and the scenario has transformed dramatically, with women now accounting for 40% of angel investors and 31% of angel-funded companies.

This shift is not just a numeric increase; it’s a seismic evolution reflecting broader changes in society and the business world.

This article, authored by Golden Seeds Co-CEOs Jo Ann Corkran and Loretta McCarthy reflects on two decades of Golden Seeds investing in women-led companies and was recently published by Crunchbase.