Investment Criteria

Thank you for your interest in Golden Seeds. Please read our investment criteria before applying. If you have questions about any of the criteria, please attend one of the many Office Hours sessions Golden Seeds holds throughout the year. Office Hours are a great way to obtain feedback about your company, learn about our process and our investment criteria.

Golden Seeds accepts applications from women-led companies domiciled in the U.S.  These companies must have at least one woman in an operating role at the C-suite level. Frequently, companies have a female founder or CEO, but we also consider companies with women in other C-level positions. Golden Seeds cares about two things: Does the female executive have power and influence in the company and does she own a “fair” amount of company equity, given her role and the stage of the company?

Golden Seeds typically invests in companies within the B2B & B2C technology, health care, and consumer products or services industries. The following categories do not meet our investment criteria: venture funds, ventures with a large real estate component, television or radio programs, film, theater or art productions, and companies domiciled outside of the U.S. We do not fund companies who have previously used or are currently using the 506C exemption or Reg CF (equity crowdfunding). We have been advised that there may be implications to both future funding options and the potential for future liability for entrepreneurs of raising funds under those provisions.

Golden Seeds looks for the following:

  • A capable management team with domain expertise
  • At least one woman in a C-level position
  • A scalable business model
  • An addressable market of at least $500 million
  • Limited capital expenditure requirements
  • Opportunities that can be accelerated with support from our investors
  • A product or service in beta (versus alpha) stage of development and has been created with input from clients or potential clients
  • “Proof of concept” revenue or significant pilots, except for health care bio/pharma, diagnostics and devices companies
  • A plausible exit strategy within 5-8 years
  • Typical valuation at first funding below $5 million
  • Typically seeking first-round of funding of $250,000-$2,000,000

For consumer product companies, additional criteria include:

  • Annual run rate revenue over $1,000,000
  • Gross margins over 40%

For health care companies, (bio/pharma, diagnostics and devices), additional investment considerations include:

  • Protectable intellectual property, with protection underway or granted
  • Products or services that fill a significant unmet need
  • A concept based on verifiable science that validates approach and supports expectation of efficacy
  • Articulated pathways, with projected timing, for regulatory and reimbursement approvals (if applicable)
  • Company understanding of the studies required to drive adoption (blind clinical studies, for example), their design and cost
  • Clinical partnerships or connections that will allow access to patients for clinical trials and to help drive adoption
  • Defined approach for product manufacturing and scaling, or rationale for why this is not necessary
  • Understanding of capital requirements, future funding strategies and expected milestones needed to effect such strategies
  • For device companies, meaningful and positive in vitro, and ideally in vivo data that has been validated externally or with validation underway
  • For diagnostic companies, strong retrospective, and ideally prospective, data that has been validated externally or with validation underway

If you have any questions regarding our criteria, please reach out to us at

If you feel you don’t currently qualify for Golden Seeds funding but would like to engage with us and learn more, please visit our Office Hours page.

We wish you the best with your business development.