Investor Training

A Full Curriculum of Courses

Our  training offerings are available to Golden Seeds members and to others who are interested in early-stage investing.  

Core Curriculum – Four Courses

The Knowledge Institute consists of four core courses.   These courses may be taken in any order, but it is strongly recommended that participants start with “An Introduction to Angel Investing”.

  • An Introduction to Angel Investing 
  • The Due Diligence Process 
  • Cap Tables and Term Sheets
  • Boards & Governance

Industry Sector Training – Three Courses

In addition, we offer courses focused on the particular characteristics of investing in specific industry sectors. 

  • Health Care Investing
  • Consumer Products & Applications (B2C) 
  • Enterprise Technology (B2B) 

Descriptions of all courses and upcoming training dates appear here.  You may register at the same link.