Golden Seeds Angel Network

Golden Seeds’ angel network is one of the largest in the nation.

There are over 250 angel networks in the country. Golden Seeds is one of the largest and most active of all of these groups – both in terms of our geographic reach, our large number of members and our investments each year.  

The Golden Seeds angel network is the backbone for much of the work of the organization.  Our membership consists of women and men dedicated to evaluating, funding and helping companies with at least one woman in a management role.

With nearly 300 members and eight chapters – Arizona, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Houston, New Jersey, New York, and Silicon Valley – plus members in many other locations throughout the country, we have a vibrant nationwide network.  All members belong to our national organization and may participate in any and all events throughout the country.  

Golden Seeds takes a collaborative approach to reviewing companies, relying on the active involvement of its members from throughout the network.  This collaboration continues as we support the growth of the companies.

Our National Footprint

The map below indicates the locations our chapters (large dots) and the location of additional members, covering 27 states in total.

The Golden Seeds chapters operate under the active guidance of local leaders. The current chapter leaders appear here.   All chapters are closely connected to the national organization and to other chapters. 

Inquiries about Golden Seeds membership in any location may be submitted to