Process & Timing

“Golden Seeds saw our potential, helped us to stay focused, and their network supported our growth. Because of them, we have an active and relevant board with sound advice and strategic guidance at all turns. I consider them great friends.”

Kathryn Schifferle
Work Truck Solutions
  • From application to funding, our investment process takes 12-14 weeks. Steps in the process include several pitch presentations, followed by 4 to 8 weeks of due diligence. Due diligence includes close examination of the company, team, products or services, and customers. During the due diligence process, we will negotiate, or review an existing term sheet. The final step is a legal and accounting diligence necessary to document the investment.
  • Please note that Golden Seeds receives and reviews hundreds of applications each year and funds less than 3% of those that apply. We reserve the right to pass on an application for any reason and at our sole discretion.