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Golden Seeds company Nanodropper, Inc. recently announced that NASA astronauts will take their products to the International Space Station to test their use in zero gravity conditions. Read more about this exciting development here.


Laura Yecies and Bone Health Technologies are making substantial progress in the treatment of osteoporosis and osteopenia. This article by Geri Stengel for Forbes details the company’s journey and its game-changing technology. Read more here.


Golden Seeds company Cooler Heads Care is in the news! Read about their product’s impact on a patient in Pittsburgh and learn more about the technology they are using to help cancer patients keep their hair in this article. Read more here.


Cognition Therapeutics President and CEO Lisa Ricciardi discusses the FDA considering the approval of a new Alzheimer’s drug and the progress being made in the space to help combat the disease. Watch the Fox Business feature here.


Golden Seeds company Materna Medical was featured in this Forbes article by Geri Stengel. Materna President and CEO Tracy MacNeal discussed their growth, as well as the challenges they have faced throughout their journey to bring accessible solutions to the pelvic pain treatment market.

Read about how Materna has navigated stigma, FDA approval, patient education and more in the full article here.


Congratulations to Golden Seeds company Gummicube on its successful acquisition by Airship. Gummicube is the original App Store Optimization (ASO) innovator and the world’s #1 provider in helping more top 10 apps across categories succeed than any other company. Read press release here.


With a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and two decades of experience in the materials industry, Dr. Cora Leibig knew there was a way to shake up the manufacturing process, so she created Chromatic 3D, which brings industry-quality 3D printing materials into the production environment. Recently, she sat down with Golden Seeds Managing Director, Karen Gould, to discuss her inspiration behind the technology and lessons she’s learned. Read more here.


“One in four consumers uses #CBD, in many cases for pain relief. Long-term, we see CBD as a therapeutic that can reduce or replace opioids in treating pain.”

Caitlyn Krebs, Co-Founder & CEO of Golden Seeds’ company Nalu Bio, saw the potential for chemistry-based #CBD to drastically transform the market and took initiative. Learn more about the company and its mission in our blog.