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New Lark research finds that adults 65+ are most engaged with our AI-enabled coaching platform, showing that digital programs like ours present a scalable, affordable way to help seniors manage chronic conditions. See more here.


Cadenza Founder Christina Lampe-Önnerud created a supercell battery architecture that can prevent fires like last weeks at Tesla’s facility in Australia. See Financial Review article on how we can transition to safe, high-performing, cost-effective energy.


Cadenza Founder Christina Lampe-Önnerud was featured on the Energy Disruptors YouTube Channel as one of the trailblazers driving the human change behind our clean energy future. See video here.


Lazarus 3D Announces First FDA Clearance for PREoperative SUrgical REhearsal (PRE-SURE®) Technology, which allows physicians to rehearse on realistic copies of patients’ organs before operating. See more here.


RenovoRx announces issuance of 7th patent in Phase III Clinical Trial TIGeR-PaC, in its work to improve the quality of life and extend survival for pancreatic cancer patients. See full press release here.


Hello Alice Puts $21M Series B To Work Connecting Business Owners To Capital and Resources. See more here.


Jennifer Ernst, CEO and Co-Founder of Tivic Health was named one of the top 10 women leaders in Consumer HealthTech of 2021. See the Healthcare Technology Report here