“Our model combines a high powered, engaged network of investors, a commitment to learning and added fuel of fund capital to create a system for growing great companies.”

Loretta McCarthy,
Co-CEO and Managing Partner

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The Golden Seeds Vision

The achievement of lasting impact by propelling women entrepreneurs. A sterling opportunity for investors.  

Women’s entrepreneurship is booming!  As of 2019, there were 13 million women-owned businesses in the United States.  Between 2014 and 2019, the number of women-owned businesses increased 21%, compared to a 9% increase among all businesses – a growth rate of nearly 2 1/2 times the national average.*

Women entrepreneurs are often determined innovators who have the potential to scale their businesses and contribute to the economy in countless ways.  However, ultimate success requires access to capital and influential networks to propel growth – the same qualities that build market-leading companies.

When Golden Seeds was founded in 2005, women entrepreneurs represented less than 3% of all companies receiving start-up capital.  The goal was to raise substantial capital for women entrepreneurs and to encourage both women and men to become active investors by providing a venue where they could learn and work together.  In 2022, women-led companies represented 31% of all companies receiving early-stage funding, a substantial increase since our founding in 2005, but still a stark contrast to the 42% of all U.S. companies that are owned by women. 

At Golden Seeds, investors review hundreds of investment opportunities each year.  The companies are actively vetted, coached and advised by our network. 

We offer an environment in which many of today’s most exciting women-led businesses receive capital and connections to grow and successfully exit.  We aim to achieve market returns for our investors while at the same time creating lasting impact. **

Golden Seeds is proud of its contribution to the growth and vitality of women entrepreneurs. 

* 2019 State of Women-Owned Business Report, American Express
** University of New Hampshire, Center for Venture Research

Our Culture         

The Golden Seeds culture is rooted in two key attributes: value and values.

…delivering value to investors and entrepreneurs in a productive investment environment,

…while displaying an unwavering commitment to a core set of values that underpin all our activities.

The values we share, which continue to attract passionate, high-caliber investors and entrepreneurs to Golden Seeds, are:

  • Trust. We seek to operate with transparency and respect the confidentiality of information presented to us.
  • Innovation.  We expect innovation and creativity to drive value for the future.
  • Collaboration. We enjoy collaboration with investors, advisors, co-investors, entrepreneurs, clients and strategic partners.
  • Respect. We create the conditions for mutual respect of both investors and entrepreneurs.

Underpinning these values is our commitment to investor education.  The Golden Seeds Knowledge Institute includes a comprehensive curriculum for angel investors to learn and grow. All courses are taught by experienced members of Golden Seeds who share their knowledge and insights.

Our Approach

Our focus on women-led companies is our differentiator. So is our unique three-pronged business approach.

Golden Seeds brings financial and intellectual capital to our companies and our investors. Our approach employs three primary components:

  • An engaged, nationwide network of over 340 angel investors (link “angel investors” to membership section – one of the largest in the U.S. Our members actively support due diligence during the investment process and continue their involvement throughout the time of the investment.
  • The Knowledge Institute, focused on educating investors about the work of angel investing, is a vital component in the work of Golden Seeds.
  • A family of Venture Capital Funds, providing an more passive option to investors who want to participate in this vibrant asset class.

These components help fulfill Golden Seeds’ objectives for entrepreneurs and investors – whether the goal is wealth creation, increased knowledge, or determination to change the world.

Our Commitment to Inclusion

Golden Seeds welcomes diversity at all levels.

Our organization was founded in 2005 with the mission of gender diversity and inclusion. This powerful idea has informed our 16 years of funding women-led companies.

This commitment to inclusion extends to women entrepreneurs of color, who represent half of all women-owned companies in the United States. We are acutely aware that women entrepreneurs of color, particularly those who are black, face a much steeper climb to achieve funding and success.   We strive to create conditions that support the likelihood of funding and the support of diverse entrepreneurs.

With the knowledge that entrepreneurs and investors will benefit immeasurably from a more diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem, here are some of the specific actions we are taking:

  • Offering diverse women entrepreneurs a support system that helps with guidance and mentoring based on the members’ own entrepreneurial experience
  • Consciously looking for opportunities to open doors for black and other entrepreneurs of color through the simple act of making connections

We are committed to actively aligning ourselves with organizations that are focusing on these important issues.  Such organizations may contact us at

This blog of June 2020 summarizes our commitment to this important issue.