“One of the keys to Golden Seeds’ effectiveness is the collaboration among our many members nationwide.”

Jo Ann Corkran,
Co-CEO and Managing Partner

The work of Golden Seeds is accomplished through teams. Our members are our most important asset. We make every effort to capitalize on their talents and skills.

Golden Seeds Leadership

Golden Seeds is managed by Jo Ann Corkran and Loretta McCarthy, Co-CEOs and Managing Partners.

Jo Ann Corkran – Manages Deal Flow and is a Partner in the 2011 Golden Seeds Fund and the Golden Seed Venture Fund.   Read More

      Loretta McCarthy – Manages the nationwide network of angel
      investors. Read More


Nationwide Initiatives

Office Hours

  • Rob Delman – Manager of the organization’s Office Hours program. He also chairs the Golden Seeds Knowledge Institute.  Read More

Knowledge Institute

  • Rob Delman – Chair of the Knowledge Institute, Read More

Member Engagement

  • Mindy Posoff – Co-Chair of  the Membership Engagement Program and manages the Golden Seeds Trend Talk Series. Read More
  • Barbara Raho- Co-chair of the Membership Engagement Program  Read More

Post Investment

The Post Investment Committee provides companies that have received Golden Seeds investment with resources and assistance to help them advance, grow, and exit.

The following people are the co-chairs of the post investment committee.

Access to Capital

The Access to Capital Task Force coordinates Golden Seeds‘ expanded efforts to both provide mentorship to and foster the likelihood of funding of diverse entrepreneurs.

The following people are the co-chairs of the Access to Capital Committee.


Sector Groups

Sector Leader Liaison

  • Mary McCaffrey – Oversees the activities among the three Sector Groups at Golden Seeds Read More

Consumer Products and Applications (B2C)

  • Carolyn Fikke- Leads the Consumer Products and Applications (B2C) Sector Group  Read More

Enterprise Services and Technology (B2B)

  • Deborah Doyle – Leads the Enterprise Services and Technology (B2B) Sector Group Read More

Health Care

  • Laura Davis – Co-lead of the Health Care Sector Group. Read More
  • Petra Meyer – Co-lead of the Health Care Sector Group   Read More
  • Mitzi Krockover – Co-lead of the Health Care Sector Group  Read More


Chapter Leadership


  • Mara Babin – Chapter Co-chair …Read More
  • Mitzi Krockover – Chapter Co-chair …Read More
  • Kathy Lynn-Cullotta – Chapter Co-chair …Read More


  • Rachel Stuve – Chapter Chair …Read More


  • Denise Saltojanes – Chapter Co-chair  …Read More
  • Sarah Sanford – Chapter Co-chair …Read More
  • Laura Davis – Office Hours Lead …Read More
  • Janet Slifka – Deal Flow Lead…Read More


  • Laura Baldwin – Chapter Chair …Read More


  • Valerie Bahar, Membership Lead …Read More
  • Suzan Deison – Chapter Co-chair …Read More
  • Elizabeth DeStephens – Deal Flow Lead …Read More
  • Samina Farid – Chapter Co-chair …Read More
  • Martha Gurwit – Office Hours Lead …Read More

New Jersey

  • Kathleen Coviello – Chapter Co-chair, NJEDA…Read More
  • Lexie Demirali – Chapter Co-chair, NJEDA …Read More
  • Gina Tedesco – Chapter Co-chair and Membership Lead …Read More
  • Joan Zief – Chapter Co-chair and Office Hours Lead …Read More

New York

  • Jo Ann Corkran – Deal Flow Lead…Read More
  • Rob Delman – Office Hours Lead…Read More
  • Cheryl Kallem – Ecosystem Lead…Read More
  • Loretta McCarthy – Membership Lead…Read More
  • Mary McCaffrey – Deal Flow Lead …Read More
  • Mindy Posoff – Member Engagement Lead…Read More
  • Barbara Raho – Member Engagement Lead …Read More

Silicon Valley/San Francisco

  • Adriana Diener-Veinott – Chapter Chair
  • Sumina Verma – Ecosystem Lead …Read More
  • Lori Grob – Deal Flow Lead …Read More
  • Linda Laskowski – Membership Lead …Read More
  • Marisa McGinnis – Office Hours Lead…Read More
  • Wendy Ryan – Diversity and Inclusion Lead…Read More

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