“At Golden Seeds, we strive to create an environment where entrepreneurs receive serious consideration and investors utilize their substantial skills to help companies succeed.”

Loretta McCarthy,
Co-CEO and Managing Partner

Why Apply to Golden Seeds

Tap into one of the country’s largest networks of angel investors.

Golden Seeds has been funding and mentoring women-led companies since 2005.   Since that time, Golden Seeds has become recognized for its ardent belief in the potential of women entrepreneurs.

There many reasons entrepreneurs seek funding from Golden Seeds:

  • Golden Seeds accepts applications from women-led companies across most sectors.
  • Qualified companies may gain access to the capital of a nationwide group of nearly 300 investors, plus the potential of investments from its venture funds.
  • Members are knowledgeable about early-stage investing.
  • Entrepreneurs who receive Golden Seeds investment may leverage the Golden Seeds network to expedite company growth.
  • Golden Seeds members often provide strategic and financial guidance, as well as assistance in building boards, advisory and executive teams.

If you aren’t sure that you are ready to apply, consider attending Golden Seeds Office Hours or Information Sessions.  They offer the opportunity to meet members and learn the basics about seeking funding.