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Learn more about Golden Seeds and meet some of our members at a one hour Open House:
September 6th at 1pm ET/10am PT – Register Here
October 11th at 1pm ET/10am PT – Register Here

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Learn about Golden Seeds and our investment process in an online event as we consider potential investments.  Contact to request an invitation.

“Golden Seeds provides me with the opportunity to see cutting edge new technologies and innovations, mentor women and entrepreneurs, and invest in exciting new companies. It keeps me engaged with an astonishingly deep and wide network of angel investors, all focused on providing women and women-led diverse companies the capital needed to truly grow. Joining Golden Seeds has provided me with the ability to truly impact in areas I care deeply about.”

Iris Fujiura,
Golden Seeds Managing Director, Silicon Valley

See yourself in Golden Seeds

People join Golden Seeds for many reasons: 

  • Ensure that worthy women-led companies receive the funding they need and the opportunity to succeed
  • Follow and study emerging trends in many industries
  • Invest in early-stage companies and propel their success
  • Expand their education of angel investing through the Golden Seeds Knowledge Institute
  • Collaborate with a diverse and educated network of angels
  • Utilize the extensive skills and interests developed in their professional and personal lives
  • Work directly with early-stage entrepreneurs as domain experts and advisors
  • Belief that gender-diverse companies will produce strong investment returns

Benefits of Golden Seeds membership

  • Access to women-led companies across all sectors
  • The opportunity to work with other members on due diligence teams
  • Monthly meetings at which companies present their business plans
  • Invest directly in companies that apply for funding and/or achieve immediate diversification by also investing through the Golden Seeds Annual Fund
  • Excellent training programs offered by the Golden Seeds Knowledge Institute
  • Educational programs on many relevant topics via Golden Seeds Trend Talks
  • Membership in the Angel Capital Association, the trade association of angel investors
  • Guidance, support and training are provided to new members, ensuring effective engagement as soon as possible.

Expectations of Members

  • Participation in evaluating and selecting companies, including working on due diligence teams
  • An intention to become an active investor
  • Embracing Golden Seeds’ values
  • Adhering to the Golden Seeds Code of Conduct
  • Annually confirming their status as SEC Accredited Investors.

Categories of membership

We offer membership to suit the needs of many types of investors, including

  • Individual Investors
  • Family Memberships
  • Institutional Memberships

Be our guest!

There are two ways to participate in a Golden Seeds event. 

  • Observing a meeting is a great way to learn about Golden Seeds and our investment process.  You will have the opportunity to spend several hours with Golden Seeds members in an online event as they consider potential investments.  To be invited to one of these sessions, contact To learn more about Golden Seeds and meet some of our members at a one hour open house on the following dates.