Information Sessions & Office Hours

Robert Delman
Golden Seeds Managing Director, New York

“Information Sessions and Office Hours are wonderful opportunities for entrepreneurs to engage with Golden Seeds members, to learn about angel investing, to understand what we look for before we invest in a company, and to become familiar with our investment process. Even more importantly, these are opportunities for Golden Seeds to learn more about you and provide feedback on your idea!”

Golden Seeds Wants to Meet You!

Golden Seeds is eager to meet women entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of launching their companies and who are considering seeking funding.  They may or may not yet be ready to apply for funding. We offer several ways to interact with experienced Golden Seeds investors. Currently, all meetings are being held virtually via Zoom. Read more below to learn about our offerings and decide which is right for you.

Information Sessions offer a brief overview about the basics of raising capital and how the Golden Seeds process works. You will not receive feedback specific to your business plan during this meeting, but it is a great entryway to understanding the fundamentals of angel investing. All founders of women-led companies, regardless of stage or location are welcome to attend an Information Session. You can register for an Information Session below.
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Office Hours are an opportunity for entrepreneurs to discuss their companies with Golden Seeds members. These are unstructured discussions that are particularly helpful for companies that are likely to seek funding in the next 12 to 24 months. If you are considering applying for funding, we urge you to review our investment criteria, which appear on our website. You may register for Office Hours below.

During the session, an experienced Golden Seeds member will provide an overview about funding and the Golden Seeds process, followed by an individual breakout session with one or more investors. We hold monthly Office Hours in all eight Golden Seeds chapters. Although all sessions are currently remote, please select the session that is geographically closest to your location.

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More Considerations:
  • Office Hours sessions involve no decisions about funding.
  • Golden Seeds only invests in for-profit businesses; non-profit/philanthropic organizations will not be considered for funding by Golden Seeds.
  • Golden Seeds only invests in companies that are domiciled in the US.
  • These sessions are limited to companies with a female leader as either founder or in a C-level position.

We ask you to join the video conference session promptly. Please note that you might be placed in a waiting room until the facilitator joins the session.

If you cannot attend an Office Hours session for which you have registered, it is important to let us know at least 24 hours in advance. Remember that you have reserved a time slot that can be used by another entrepreneur.