Golden Seeds 2023 Annual Summit Recap

June 1, 2023

The Golden Seeds 2023 Annual Summit was a resounding success. Held in the heart of New York City from May 1st to May 3rd, it marked our 15th Summit and a much-awaited return to in-person gatherings since 2019. The atmosphere was electric – a joyous reunion, with remarkable speakers, engaging panel discussions, and unforgettable social events.

The warm welcome from Sandi Knox of the Sidley Austin law firm, our gracious host for the Summit, set the tone for two unforgettable days that were brimming with insights and inspiring moments. Over 120 participants attended in person, with many more tuning in by zoom.  They engaged in discussions with thought leaders, exploring investment trends and emerging fields. Topics covered were as diverse as they were captivating. Emerging trends in aviation, climate tech, and longevity took center stage, providing valuable perspectives for our attendees. Molly Wood, one of our featured Summit speakers, succinctly reminded us of the power we hold in our hands with the words “Vote, Invest, Adopt.” Her insights on investing for a better future left the audience inspired and ready to make a positive impact.

Jeffrey Hollender, the Founder of Seventh Generation, delivered a powerful message on sustainability and corporate responsibility, declaring that companies must strive to be net good rather than simply less bad. His call for radical transparency resonated with our forward-thinking audience.

Deb Kemper, a member of our Boston chapter, engaged in a captivating discussion on Enterprise SaaS in the world of ChatGPT with three exceptional Golden Seeds entrepreneurs. Michelle Bacharach, CEO of Findmine, Diane Keng, CEO & Co-founder of Breinify, and Minna Song, Co-Founder and CEO of EliseAI, who showcased their leadership in this space.

Claudia Romanini Backus, the Director of Future of Work Partnerships at Meta, shared her insights on the role of soft skills in driving innovation at the cutting edge of technology. Her journey and expertise are remarkable.


Other highlights of our 2023 Summit include:

The Golden Seeds 2023 Summit was an incredible journey, bringing together visionaries, thought leaders, and changemakers. It embodied the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and empowerment that defines Golden Seeds. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all who attended, whether physically or virtually, and want to give special recognition to the Summit Committee, expertly chaired by Mary McCaffrey and Adriana Diener-Veinott. As we look ahead, we are eager to continue fostering growth, supporting entrepreneurs, and making a lasting impact on the world of angel investing.