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Have a look at a few of the many blogs our followers found inspiring in 2020, including posts that feature Golden Seeds companies Cognition Therapeutics, CNote, Hello Alice & more in our latest blog


GoldenSeeds’ vision is to support women entrepreneurs who can change the world, so we’re thrilled that three of our companies have been recognized by the World Economic Forum for their impact on society. Learn more about Cadenza Innovation, Otto by DEVCON, and Kalion in our latest blog.


Funding is critical for new businesses, yet female and multicultural entrepreneurs struggle to obtain capital. During a recent @GoldenSeeds event, Carla Harris, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Morgan Stanley discussed the funding gap and solutions to the problem. Read More


During a recent Golden Seeds event, Marie Molde, MBA, RD Datassential shared how the pandemic is transforming the restaurant industry and the way we eat. See more 


During a recent Golden Seeds event, the CEO & co-founder of Lafayette148 shared the strategies that have enabled her brand to not only survive but to thrive during these tumultuous times. Read more in our latest Golden Seeds Blog.


Read on how to accelerate company growth as well as manage shifting operational challenges in our latest CEO Newsletter.


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