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Pfizer acquires Golden Seeds company Amplyx Pharma to expand drug-resistant treatment portfolio. Congratulations to Ciara Kennedy and her team!


Digi International, a leading global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products and services, announced that it has acquired Dallas-based Haxiot, an industry leader in end-to-end LoRaWAN®-based solutions.


Read this great articleAI in drug discovery starts to live up to the hype” featuring great mention of the important technology of Paradigm4.


BoardBookit, a leader in board portal software, announced it has rebranded to Govenda, by BoardBookit. The new name and brand reflect the company’s expanding vision and growing suite of corporate governance products. See more here.


Golden Seeds company Paradigm4 has partnered with 54gene to increase access to African genome data in efforts to close the gap in development research and introduce transformative diagnostic tools. Marilyn Matz spoke with Outsourcing-Pharma to discuss the new partnership here.


Tempo Automation is assisting NASA on technology for future Mars landings. See more here


Golden Seeds company Brandwatch is being acquired by Cision. We are proud to have been investors since 2008. Congrats to all. See article here.